About us

Having grown up surrounded by skateboarding culture and obsessed with the 90’s skateboard scene we were always passionate about the many classic skate and streetwear brands in the industry.

Through the years of studying magazines such as Sidewalk, Thrasher, Slap, 411 Video Magazine & Transworld as well as the many iconic skateboard videos, we always loved how skateboarding can be a self-expressive art and creative outlet. This ideology mixed with the mindset and lifestyle, skateboarding has always had a large impact on our fashion sense.

Through initially creating skateboarding content amongst friends, the more we delved into the brands in the industry, we developed the same passion for designing as we did with skateboarding. As this became more apparent throughout the years, we wanted to continue doing what we love and so began creating skateboarding and streetwear apparel.

What started out as kids having fun and by combining our experiences over the years, Zeles was essentially borne out of a passion for skateboarding, music, art and the subcultural. 

Established in 2019, our design concepts are based on simplicity. We believe that simplicity and comfort are key for any brand and we are committed to creating products you feel good to wear.

With the growth of Zeles, our core message continues to stay true. Zeles to us means passion. Find what you love doing in life and do it as much as possible. We want to be more than just a fashion outlet and hope Zeles serves as a constant reminder and source of inspiration for others to go for theirs.