Classic Block - White Edition
OG - White Edition
OG - Black Edition
Classic Block - Black Edition
DGTL Beanie
DGTL Champion
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Sold Out

Our Story

Having grown up as part of skateboarding culture and obsessed with the 90’s skateboard scene we were always passionate about the vast range of classic skate and streetwear brands in the Industry.

Through the years of studying magazines such as Sidewalk, Thrasher, Slap, 411 Video Magazine & Transworld as well as the many iconic skateboard videos, we always loved how skateboarding can be a self-expressive art and creative outlet. This ideology mixed with the mindset and lifestyle, skateboarding has always had a large impact on our fashion sense.

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Debut Collection

The first collection made available by Zeles. Contains a variety of products with our initial unique branding designs.

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Winter Collection

Heavier garments and apparel that will help you stand out in the cold with style.

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Relic Collection

Influenced by music, tattoo culture, lyrics, movies, quotes, books as well as products created based on nostalgic elements.

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